Environmental Consultants: Remediation LSRP Brownfields Due Diligence
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For nearly 30 years, ESA environmental consultants have helped clients navigate
their most difficult environmental issues, from remedial investigation and design
to hazardous waste disposal, soil and groundwater remediation, and litigation support.

It's not a pretty job... but someone has to do it.

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ESA can help.

It's complicated.

We pledge to advocate for your best interests by providing straight-forward advice
and practical, cost-effective solutions to your environmental compliance needs.

ESA is Client-centric.



What Realtors Need to Know about Indoor Air Quality

Commercial and residential realtors are responsible for guiding their clients through the strange, scary, and complex process of buying or selling a property. And clients expect their realtor to advocate for them and protect them from risk. Indoor air quality (IAQ) is often disregarded during the sales process – and even after occupancy. But proactive – rather than reactive – IAQ programs have the potential to reduce liability, improve tenant retention, and increase property values.


How can we help you resolve your environmental issues? Practical advice from expert environmental consultants. On the house.

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historic fill


ESA was contacted by the attorney of a residential property owner in Newark, New Jersey, who was receiving violation notices, warnings of potential NJDEP enforcement action, and NJDEP Site Remediation Program (SRP) fee notices. The property was previously operated for various industrial purposes and was redeveloped by others into nine separate residential parcels, each improved with a single-family home. All nine parcels were built on historic fill.


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PMINJ @ Bridgewater Marriott
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Industry News


From the New Jersey Law Journal:


On November 7, New Jersey voters will not only be selecting a new governor and other officeholders, they will also be requested to decide whether the Constitution should be amended to dedicate all of the money that the state receives from settlements and awards in environmental contamination cases to paying for costs incurred by the state to repair, restore, or replace damaged or lost natural resources.


The impetus for this proposal was Gov. Christie’s diversion of the funds from large environmental settlements to plug holes in the state budget. A prior legislative attempt to earmark these funds for environmental purposes was vetoed by the governor.

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