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Storage Tank Removal

ESA offers turnkey management for underground storage tank (UST) projects. Having removed more than 1,000 USTs, our experience is second to none, and we provide all the services required to effect a proper, safe, and environmentally compliant tank removal project.


  • ESA photographs the entire UST removal process
  • Prior to opening a UST, the tank atmosphere is rendered non-explosive so it can be safely cut open
  • Product remaining in the tank is removed and disposed of at a permitted facility. Depending upon the volume and the amount of solids, the product may either be removed in bulk, drummed, or both
  • Tanks are cleaned, removed from the ground, and sent to a scrap dealer
  • According to the tank size (or other factors, if applicable), the proper number of soil samples will be collected and analyzed according to the specific guidelines established for the product contained in the tank
  • If impacts are discovered, ESA will offer reasonable solutions to bring your site into compliance. The list of strategies that ESA can employ at this point is surprisingly large, since different sites lend themselves to different remedial strategies
  • After the UST closure is complete and remediation (if needed) is finished, our technical staff writes a closure report and it is reviewed in-house by one of ESA’s LSRPs. If all criteria are met, a Remedial Action Outcome (RAO) is issued.


If your tanks require repair or upgrading, ESA can also determine the proper way to proceed.

Ask our expert environmental consultants for help solving your environmental challenges.