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For Commercial Property Owners & Developers

Commercial Property Developer

We get it — you’d rather not spend a single dollar on environmental consulting services. But if you want to avoid the typical headaches inherent to the sale or refinance of a property, you need ESA on your side. We know how to bring projects to a close quickly and efficiently. And that ultimately saves you money.


For developers, a brownfield can be a golden ticket to prosperity — if you know how to address it. It’s not enough to know the rules and regulations that guide consultants during the investigation and cleanup process. ESA needs to know what you are planning to do with the property. What is its intended use? Will there be a basement? In what city is the project? What is your timing? Who will occupy the premises? Will there be a child care component?


When you work with ESA, we evaluate potential strategies and present you with customized options so you can choose between the least cost versus the fastest route to compliance. Information is power, and you can be sure that ESA will put as much information into your hands as possible.

Ask our expert environmental consultants for help solving your environmental challenges.