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Is Asbestos Lurking in Your Home?


Most homeowners live blissfully unaware for decades not knowing that asbestos is present in their homes. Often, and unfortunately, asbestos is only discovered after a beloved family member falls victim to one of dozens of asbestos-related conditions.


Many pre-1980 homes with old floor and ceiling tile, roofing, siding, and insulation have asbestos incorporated into their structures, and even newer home owners are not necessarily guaranteed an asbestos-free environment.


Because of its high health risk and its pervasive use in older home construction (from pipe insulation to flooring), the American Lung Association strongly recommends contracting asbestos-certified professionals and laboratories to inspect, gather, and test samples. This ensures that you and your family will minimize your exposure to this harmful substance.


If you suspect asbestos in your home, it’s important that you chose a competent and certified asbestos professional to identify and design a safe and responsible action plan. Additionally, the EPA recommends hiring an inspection contractor who is independent of the contractor who will perform any remediation work. This will protect the homeowner from unnecessary work being performed.

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