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Lead-based Paint

Get the Lead Out


If your home was built before the 1980s, there’s a chance it┬ámay have┬álead-based paint inside and out. Why is this a concern? Because lead is a toxic metal that can cause serious health issues if ingested or its dust inhaled. Pregnant women and young children are especially vulnerable to its effects.


When lead paint deteriorates, it flakes and chips and turns into small dust particles that accumulate on surfaces in and around the home. Small children may ingest the paint chips, and finer particles can infiltrate children’s toys, clothing, and bedding. This is of special concern because of lead’s detrimental effect on a growing child’s brain and nervous system.


The experts at ESA can help you identify lead-based paint hazards in the home and, if abatement is needed, ESA will offer appropriate recommendations.

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