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A Word of Caution Regarding Water Damage


After a flood, roof leak, or some other form of water damage, people often fail to take proper corrective action. If you can dry your environment quickly, you have a strong likelihood of avoiding mold issues. First take steps to stop the inflow of  water, then promote rapid drying by installing dehumidifiers and running your AC or heat, depending on the season.


Fans will further promote drying, but we caution you about using them: DO NOT USE FANS IF YOU SUSPECT MOLD IS PRESENT, because fans will cause mold spores to become airborne, which could create an unsafe breathing environment. Remove water-damaged sheet rock from your home as soon as possible. You also may have to sacrifice your carpeting if you are unable to dry it quickly.

Suspect Mold? ESA Can Help.


Mold in the home can cause myriad health issues — both mild and severe — for every member of your family. Allergic reactions are common, with skin rashes and irritation, hay fever-like symptoms, and breathing problems at the top of the list. More serious reactions can occur in people with heightened sensitivity to molds and in those with compromised immune systems, the very young or very old, and in individuals with asthma or other existing health issues.


So, obviously, mold is not something you want to mess around with. But not everything that appears to be mold is mold, and not every mold problem requires an expensive solution. If you see or suspect mold damage (mold behind walls or in the air can often cause health symptoms even though it’s not visible), ESA can visually inspect and, if necessary, sample and test for mold in your home. We’ll determine if there is a mold issue that requires professional remediation and, if so, we’ll recommend an independent mold remediation company that can return your home to a healthy environment for your family.


ESA is a highly respected and trustworthy mold inspection services company operating throughout New Jersey and the New York metro region. Our principal Certified Indoor Environmental Consultant (CIEC) James Dallas has over 30 years of experience in the industry and is well known as an expert on the topic of mold and indoor air quality in environmental consulting circles.


Integrity is the hallmark of Team ESA. As such, ESA performs only site inspections and mold testing and sampling. We do not perform the actual remediation, which would introduce a conflict of interest between a service provider and a potential customer who may or may not have an actual mold issue. Over the years, we have fostered positive relationships with solid, trustworthy companies which we are happy to recommend to perform any remediation work you may require.

Ask our expert environmental consultants for help solving your environmental challenges.