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Case Study: Mold Remediation


Project Summary

ESA was hired to perform a mold and indoor air quality investigation of two  condominium units located in a Senior Housing Complex in Monmouth County, New Jersey that were subject to water-intrusion from a leaking bathroom fixture.



Mold conditions developed in each bathroom and migrated into adjacent bedrooms and hallway closet areas.


ESA’s Solution

ESA conducted initial testing to develop a baseline of existing conditions that included the collection of several surface swab samples and indoor air samples. ESA utilized the laboratory data and site visual observations to develop site-specific mold remediation protocols that included post-mold remediation verification (PMRV) acceptance criteria.


Each condominium unit was cleaned by an independent mold remediation contractor and inspected by ESA.




The post-mold remediation verification samples were deemed acceptable in accordance with ESA’s PMRV acceptance criteria.


Each unit was restored by the independent mold remediation contractor to pre-loss conditions at which time each unit was re-occupied.

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