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Zachary Levin

Zachary Levin

Zachary Levin

Environmental Scientist I

Zak Levin is responsible for gathering and analyzing data for ESA projects and synthesizing the data into clear and understandable reports for clients and regulatory agencies. He also ensures that graphics and other supporting project documentation meet regulatory requirements and ESA’s standards of excellence.


Zak participates in various forms of due diligence, environmental assessments, remedial investigations, and remedial actions. He also assists in Phase I Environmental Assessments, Transaction Screens, site investigations related to Brownfields, the Industrial Site Recovery Act (ISRA), UST Closures, and other real property issues. Additionally, he oversees soil and groundwater sampling, installation of monitoring wells, and soil excavations, as well as conducting mold and indoor air quality assessments and asbestos inspections for residential and commercial properties.


Mr. Levin holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Ecology and Natural Resources from Rutgers University.

732.469.8888 x208


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