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Social Responsibility

Giving back to our communities

ESA is a team of game-changers. As leaders and doers in our communities, we strongly believe in proactive social engagement for the betterment of mankind. We not only engage strongly in advocacy for our clients, but for our fellow citizens as well. Every senior staff member of Team ESA is an active member of local chambers, industry organizations, and charities, as well as participating in Team ESA’s adopted favorites listed below.

Casting for Recovery

Casting for Recovery is a national organization dedicated to helping breast cancer survivors. In approximately 40 states, CFR offers 2 1/2-day fly fishing retreats at no cost to participants. Here in New Jersey, this innovative and caring organization runs two retreats every year. Breast cancer survivors enjoy fly fishing instruction and learn post-cancer care in a safe, secure, and fully supervised environment. It offers women an opportunity to learn how to fly fish, exercise impacted chest muscles, connect with other survivors, and have a lot of fun. Each retreat ends with several hours on a beautiful New Jersey river where each woman gets to fish. Each participant is assigned a River Helper (an experienced fly fisher) who is there to guide and help her to the degree that she wants help. By being one-on-one with experienced fishers, the women feel safe and secure as they probe the waters in search of their finny quarries!


The Puerto Rican Association for Human Development (PRAHD) in Perth Amboy, New Jersey serves more than 17,000 unduplicated clients annually throughout three central New Jersey counties. Its impact is real and highly valued in the communities it serves. Of great importance to ESA is its intelligent and frugal management. Most of their dollars go directly toward helping people. ESA participates in their Cozy Coats, Happy Hearts program each autumn, summer camp sponsorships, and we assist throughout the year in other ways when asked.

For more information or to donate, visit their web site.

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